First’s And Last’s

Today was a big day for Garrett and me. For Garrett, it meant finishing up his 8th grade track season. And for me, it meant publishing my first ever (and hopefully not last) blog. Yay, for both of us!!

It’s interesting how similar Garrett and I are. We’re both a little on the reserved side. We’re both equally as happy being alone as we are being around our friends. We’ve been that way from the beginning of time. My grandmother loved to tell me how quiet I was when I was a baby. How I’d give her the time she needed to get laundry done and hung outside while I entertained myself in my crib. Garrett has always been the same way. He’s always been happiest when he’s entertaining himself. It’s never been easy for either one of us to put ourselves out there. But here we are. We’re doing just that.

From the time Garrett started 6th grade, Mark and I have been trying to persuade him into joining the track team. We always knew he’d be perfect for it. But, as expected, Garrett had his own agenda and track wasn’t part of it. It wasn’t until after Christmas of 2014 that he asked us if he could join the school’s track team. Hallelujah, my friend!! “Of course, you can join!” we said. Let me tell you, after joining the team, there were no regrets. No turning back. It’s as if someone flipped a switch in him and off he went! Our quiet, reserved boy took off like the wind!

We both broke through our personal wall and made sacrifices in order to put ourselves out there for people to see and possibly (definitely) judge. But we’re both still standing and moving forward.

He plans to continue track in high school in the fall. He’s looking forward to being part of the cross country team. Can you believe he’s going into high school? I still can’t! We couldn’t be prouder of our “GG”! As for me, I’m hoping to get my little blog going.

For now, come along and take a look at some of what I captured during Garrett’s track meet today…


The boys getting a little info from one of the coaches before the 400 meter race.


Time to head to their starting points.

DSC_0024 DSC_0015DSC_0028And they’re off!  DSC_0029DSC_0035 DSC_0036After their run, the coaches inform the runners of their times.     DSC_0038Garrett getting ready to chuck the shot put (?).

It’s hard to believe the end of the school is coming up so soon! I’m looking forward to spending uninterrupted days with my littles while I still can!

Until next time… xoxo