A Tisket a Tasket… A Visit to Kimball’s Fruit Farm Stand

We normally spend our weekends together as a family, especially gorgeous weekends like the one we’re having now, but today we decided to mix things up a little. We decided to split up and do different things. The Mr. and the boy ventured out on the boat today (first time the boat’s been out in 2 years?). As I write this, they’re both filling me in on their excursion. More details on that will follow soon. Bronwyn decided to spend the day with a friend who just moved into a beautiful new home. And I decided I’d take a drive to Hollis, New Hampshire, which is just over the border from us, to purchase some heirloom tomatoes and take care of the itch I get on a daily basis of taking photos.

Check out the delicious fruits, vegetables, views, and freshly homemade apple cider donuts through my lens!

Until next time, I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday wherever you may be!

xoxo, Jody


9 thoughts on “A Tisket a Tasket… A Visit to Kimball’s Fruit Farm Stand

  1. lelita10 says:

    In case you were wondering…, lol, this is Carli. I only use wordpress for school, but when I used to blog for my (fwmade-Fearfully and Wonderfully Made), I used blogger.


  2. Mama Clicks A Lot says:

    Haha! Hi Carli! I did wonder who it was!! I knew it was probably a friend from IG though. :D. So are you not blogging anymore? If you’re not, it’s pretty understandable since you’re so busy with school, kids, home, and life. Whew! How do you do it?? Seriously, I need tips! I’m finally going back to work after years of being a SAHM. Of course it’s a full time job, because I’m ready for it, but scared at the same time. Any helpful tips will be greatly appreciated. xoxo


    • lelita10 says:

      Just noticed you replied to this! No I don’t blog anymore, I only wish I had the time. Luckily my hubby is amazing and is alot of help, he works from home most of the time so I get sooo much support from him. But balance is so hard, as I work towards completing my last few credits, I’ve been struggling with what my next steps will be, re-open my store, go back to work and I was actually considering getting my real estate license! My passion is in home decor, but at this point in life I don’t even know where that would fit in! 😕 Sorry for the book!


      • Mama Clicks A Lot says:

        Ha!! Never apologize for your comments to me, Carli! I enjoy getting to know you through them. :D.

        Having a supportive husband is such a great thing, especially when you’re juggling children, school, home, and whatever else we have on our plates. I’m sure whatever you decide to do after school is over will be a great choice as they all sound like good options.

        Until next time… xoxo, Jody


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